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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Why deny rights?

There are a lot of people, it seems, who are in favor of California's proposition 8 which strips away the right of certain people to get married. I am, as I'm sure is no great surprise, not only voting no on proposition 8, but actively asking others to do the same. If you're unsure of how to vote -- or even if you're positive you're in favor of it -- I have some questions for you to ask yourself.

First off, how does this affect you? Will this somehow make your marriage better? Will you suddenly start loving your spouse again? What do you care what someone else does or who they marry? If you're married, is it going to change the nature of your relationship? If not, is it going to affect the likelihood of you getting married? If you answered yes, how, exactly? If not, why would you care?

Secondly, for those who oppose gay marriage because of what God says, let me ask you this: God gave man free will; what gives you the right to take it away? If you believe that homosexuality is wrong, that's your perogative. You're even, I would say, welcome to tell that to anyone who asks. Encourage your gay friends to mend their ways, if that's what you believe. But, ultimately, what they do is between them and God -- you have no say in it. (Remember, too, judge not lest ye be judged.)

Lastly, since proposition 8 will not eliminate gays nor take away their right to marry elsewhere, how will proposition 8 change anything about what children are taught in schools? Even if what the pro-8 ads were saying was true (it's not), there will still be kids in class with your kids who have two moms or two dads or who are friends with someone who does. How are you going to prevent those kids from talking about their families? You can't deny that gays and lesbians exist or that they can get married. Your best bet is not to let your children be ignorant but to share with them your thoughts on the matter.

So whether or not you approve of same-sex marriage, whether or not you think God approves of it, it's not up to you take away rights from others.

And one bit of warning -- right now, Christianity (more specifically, Catholicism) is the dominant belief set in this state, but already only 62% of people in California are "absolutely certain" that there is a God and less than half see religion as "very important". If you set a precedent of taking away peoples' rights now, what do you think will happen when that balance shifts and Christians are no longer the majority? What will happen when the Muslims or Buddhists or -- heaven forbid! -- the atheists have the majority?

This post is part of and in support of Write to Marry Day.

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