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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Next Step, Revolution?

Recently, it was discovered that the NSA, the super-secret government spy agency (okay, so they claim to be cryptologists) had teamed up with AT&T to intercept and listen in on all internet and telephone traffic, without warrants and without just cause. Of course, it's okay because our divinely guided leader says it is.

Well, next thing you know, our boys in the white hats over at the EFF decide to sue AT&T over the whole affair. The EFF doesn't think that AT&T should be allowed to violate the constitution this way. Personally, I agree with them. Alas, the feds do not, so they have decided to step in and send everyone home. By invoking the "state secrets" privilege, they have pretty much said that it's over. The NSA gets to keep listening in without the hassle of getting a search warrant or even having a reason. AT&T faces no consequences and likely gets to continue currying favor in washington (perhaps to get their way in overturning net neutrality).

Unfortunately, it doesn't stop there. Now the feds want Colleges -- traditional havens of independent thought and dissent -- to let the NSA tap into their networks and phone systems, probably without warrants once again. As if that weren't bad enough, the government now wants us to pay for our own wiretaps. They want to have their cake and Edith too. We, the American people, are supposed to just line up, get screwed, and pony up for the privilege.

So now we cannot keep secrets from the government. The constitution is being ripped apart bit by bit. The president thinks that because he's the president, he gets to do whatever he wants, including ignoring the constitution and the rights it affords Americans. I wouldn't be surprised if the right to dissent went out the window next -- can't have people demoralizing our valiant freedom fighters (not to mention bumming out a president who can't admit a mistake).

How much more will it take before the American people say "Enough!"? Once the government controls all communications, has taken away our privacy, and has turned the constitution into a shadow of itself, what can the people do, except that which they did 225 years ago?

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