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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Dead Tree

We have a pretty tall Monterey Pine tree in our backyard. Don't ask me how tall; I suck at distances. I would say, however, that it's two to three times as tall as our house. The birds seem to like it, as do the squirrels. Nonetheless, tomorrow it comes down.

You see, our neighbor also has a Monterey Pine tree in his backyard. Only he hired someone to trim it and trim it they did. All the way down to the stumps, leaving Tim-Burton-esque fingers of a soon-to-be dead tree. Well, the beetles that are continually attacking trees (just as we always have bad bacteria in our systems) suddenly found themselves with a tasty tree unable to fight back. So they multiplied like crazy.

Eventually, they migrated next door to our tree and the sheer numbers of them overwhelmed our tree's defenses.

We noticed that what was supposed to be an evergreen was becoming more and more brown. We contacted our gardener (Michelle Bond of Thumbellina Gardens) asked her opinion. She said it didn't look good, but that we needed an arborist to look at it. She gave us a couple of names and we called Ted Kipping of Tree Shapers. He checked it out and gave us the bad news -- it was dead and had to come down.

He gave us the names of the big three tree companies around here. He said he would send along his quote, but that we wouldn't use him since he would be too expensive. Turns out he was right -- he was about $5k more than the other three. The three we called were Costello, Davey, and Bartlett. The Costello guy came first and was nice. He actually told Rachel that Bartlett was the best of the three. Davey came next but the guy wasn't interested in talking to Rachel. Lastly, the Bartlett guy came out. He was just kind of weird.

Despite being the nicest and most professional, Costello's was also the cheapest. So we're going with them. All told, it's going to cost us about $1500 and our homeowner's insurance is of no help (but if we wanted to leave it standing, they would be happy to pay us when it fell.)

So goodbye tree!

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